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15 reasons to choose us

  1. Flexible renting time – (days, weeks, months)
  2. Modern  consumer electronics equipment - (i.e. DVD Philips, CD Panasonic, TV LCD LG 42")
  3. Internet – completely free of charge!diamentowy 29
  4. Resident – free help and consulting service
  5. Full board option (on request)
  6. No rent commission – we are not brokers, we are owners
  7. Baby Comfort Package – containing a child`s bike, a baby bath, board games, a puzzle
  8. Storage room for your sport equipment
  9. Rest and relaxation guaranteed – architect-designed apartment
  10. Location – incredible view on the mountains, 400 m away from the main boardwalk, 350 m away from the nearest ski lift (distance given in metres, not  “3 minutes “ on the website and 2 kilometres in reality!)
  11. Safety – our apartments are equipped with personal safes – no additional charge!
  12. Sport equipment – mountain bikes, child`s bikes – out of charge!
  13. Apartment condition - newly opened (July 2011) – almost brand new
  14. Guest care - free guide books, maps, photos, attraction price lists
  15. Apartment visualization - you can see the apartment before booking it – a brief virtual tour


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