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For the convenience of our guests, we have decided to offer the full board option. In order to meet your expectations we tested the food quality, delivery terms and prices in nearly all restaurants in Krynica Zdrój.


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  FREE DELIVERY – Thanks to our location most restaurants can guarantee free delivery
  VARIED MENU – dishes from all over the world
  REASONABLE PRICES! – Dinner menu – prices starting from 9 zł!!!
  COMFORT – Tired of washing up? The nearest restaurant or pizzeria is just 150 m from your apartment!
  REGIONAL CUISINE – smoked ewe’s milk cheese just like in Zakopane
  TIME SAVING – a dishwasher will wash up for you!
  TIME FLEXIBILITY – no fixed meal times that can spoil your rest
  WARMING UP OPTION – thanks to a modern microwave
  RESTAURANTS&BARS – full list containing the phone numbers – see: Information


Please call us for details!
796 801 604

Quality and comfort for a reasonable price
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